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The Scholarship


The Skipton Mechanics Institute is pleased to offer a limited number of Scholarships to residents aged over 18, living permanently in and attending an educational course or apprenticeship at a recognised educational institution in the “area of benefit” of the Skipton Mechanics’ Institute. (see info on “area of benefit” below)


The online application form can be used to apply for a scholarship (up to a value £1,000 per year) for a course or apprenticeship.  A separate application must be made each year for each year of the programme and there is no guarantee of support for subsequent years.


The following eligibility rules apply:


  • The applicant must be permanently resident in the “area of benefit”
  • The applicant must be aged over 18 at the start date of the course or apprenticeship
  • The course or apprenticeship must be studied at an institution in the “area of benefit”
  • The institution must have a UK Provider Reference Number
  • The Skipton Mechanics’ Institute Scholarship is administered by the Trustees of the Skipton Mechanics’ Institute and the decision of the Trustees is final.


The Scholarship scheme is competitive and will be awarded to applicants who most closely meet or exceed the criteria for the award.


The following criteria will be used to assess applications:


  • Full and accurate completion of the online Scholarship Application Form
  • Submission of the Scholarship Application Form by the due deadline and process set out below
  • The proposed course or apprenticeship being a recognised qualification
  • The benefit to the applicant of undertaking the qualification
  • The circumstances of the applicant


Deadlines and notification:


To be considered, the application must be received by the Skipton Mechanics’ Institute Secretary by 17:00 on 30 June each year for courses and apprenticeships starting in the forthcoming academic year.


Applications received after this deadline will not be considered.


All applicants will be notified whether they have (or have not) been awarded a scholarship, and the value of the scholarship, by 30 July each year.


How to apply:


Complete the online application form.


Area of Benefit


The "area of benefit" is the former Skipton UDC (Urban District Council), or a Parish of the Former Skipton rural Council, as listed below:



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Online Application Form

The on-line form is submitted to The Secretary automatically when 'Submit Form' button is clicked. Additional supporting document[s] can be uploaded,

only .pdf, .doc, .docx, .zip format can be accepted.



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