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  •                                                                                                                                                                                   G.T.S Performing Arts

    G.T. S. Performing Arts:


    Miss D Stevens RAB, MA, MBE

    Pippa Buxton Actor and West End performer


    We hold weekly classes at Skipton Town Hall, teaching a wide range of performing skills tailored to each age group. We provide a step by step approach which means that no experience is necessary


    We provide, though performing arts, a way for students to express emotions, hopes, fears and dreams and offer a model of the world in which young people develop skills for coping with life. We make exciting and challenging theatre by working as a group and of course many of these attributes are important for life. GTS Performing Arts has high expectations of our students; we expect them to be committed to GTS, each other and to their performances.  We teach our students to “reach for the stars” and instil confidence alongside channelling techniques so they can harness their talents.


    Weekly classes are mainly about teaching the process but performing arts is all about  performing, so we put on at least one major show a year. We are very grateful to our sponsor Skipton Mechanics Institute for their financially help with the out last production: The Sound of Music.


    GTS staff are all volunteers, and give their time for free.

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    G.T.S Performing Arts

  •                                                                                                                                                                                   Upper Wharfedale School

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    Big Dig Cravenology Transition Project


    The aim was to benefit young people in the Craven district primary catchment area by participation in a week-long heritage project in the Yorkshire Dales National Parks to promote awareness of the unique environment and heritage of The Dales. The project helped children settle into their new secondary school and gave them an opportunity to work and socialise with existing teachers and students in a worthwhile heritage project. Activities had an emphasis on learning and the summer school participants engaged in a wide range of fun activities including excavation of a historical site, metal detecting, nature trail and geographical surveying.  The work continues through the School’s archaeology club.

    Upper Wharfedale


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  •                                                                                                                                                                                  Brooklands Community Special School

    Brooklands Community Special School:

    Residential Visit to Calvert Trust, Keswick


    The Calvert Trust is an outdoor adventure centre in Keswick in the Lake District which offers a wide range of fun and safe outdoor adventure opportunities for students with special needs.  Built around a traditional farmstead, the centre makes adaptations to much of their equipment enabling access for all, and enabling participation in climbing, sailing, swimming, horse-riding, bush craft and archery, to name but a few.


    Brooklands Community Special School caters for a wide variety of special needs for ages 2 to 19.  In 2014 the School applied for funding towards the costs of a residential for students to Calvert Trust in June 2015.  The residential, offered to students from Year 7 upwards, gave participants an opportunity to participate in outdoor education with expert guidance and spend time with their peers, work on self-help skills, to be independent from parents for a few days as well as giving parents a break.

    Image2:Brooklands Community Special School
    Image1:Brooklands Community Special School

    Brooklands Community Special School

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